Collaboration is the foundation of life’s most memorable projects.

Habitat is a project founded by three local developers with over 70 years of combined experience; Porte, fabric, and Hudson. The team boasts a legacy of longstanding success developing multi-family homes across East Vancouver and the lower mainland. The development team is passionate about this community and is leveraging the unique strengths and expertise of this collective to ensure that Habitat becomes synonymous with exceptional homes.

Porte, fabric, and Hudson are particularly drawn to Habitat’s prime Mount Pleasant location as this is the neighbourhood where the team works, lives, and plays. The team believes it is vital to create a project that aligns with the unparalleled lifestyle Mount Pleasant offers residents and adds character to an already exciting place to live. This collective is invested in their local community and can’t wait to build an engaging Habitat for the future.

Developed in Collaboration by:

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Porte was established in 1968 as a comprehensive real estate enterprise - Porte develops, owns and manages property. It's this multi-faceted experience in so many areas of the real estate industry that has allowed Porte to thrive through countless market cycles, trends and business environments. Over the years, Porte has discovered that they are also in the business of developing communities and enriching lives. You’ll find that spirit in Porte’s award-winning developments, extraordinary charitable work and in every employee who proudly calls Porte their place of work. When people feel this good about doing their job, amazing things happen.
fabric living is a Vancouver-based real estate development company that celebrates community by creating unique spaces in vibrant, authentic neighbourhoods. fabric is a purpose-driven development company that specializes in the development and revitalization of multi-family residential, commercial properties and mixed-use projects. fabric invests in the creation of community-minded projects in emerging neighbourhoods with a focus on adding value to our local communities, weaving the city together one project at a time.
Hudson was created as a real estate management and full life cycle development firm focused on urban mixed-use real estate projects in Greater Vancouver. The firm is fulfilling its vision for combining careful consideration for the impact on environment through sensibly designed projects that fit within the fabric of each community. The body of communities created by Hudson are design forward where details are not obsessed over, they are respected. From a custom leather wrapped door handle as the entry to your home to a milled kitchen for the minimalist chef. Hudson creates spaces that you want to work in, aspire to visit and are proud to call a home. We create inspiring retail spaces, beautiful office environments and curated homes.
Ginger, Vancouver
The Ocho, Vancouver
626 Alexander, Vancouver