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Habitat is a community of 70 modern homes and 9 retail shops that naturally compliment the dynamic creativity of Mount Pleasant.

Simple, streamlined, and sleek. Habitat is a contemporary collection of boutique 1, 2 & 3 bedroom homes situated in the core of one of the most coveted neighbourhoods on the east side. Mount Pleasant has long been a hub for pioneers, seekers, and doers. Now we’re building a place this creative hub can call home.

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Vancouver’s most creative habitat

Culture and community are interwoven and Habitat is committed to cultivating both. Located in the heart of the lively and layered Mount Pleasant, this dynamic neighbourhood has gained exponential popularity over the past decade amongst its modern demographic, and for good reason. Its charismatic streets are dotted with award-winning craft breweries, eclectic boutiques and artisan pop-ups, and new and noteworthy cafes and restaurants.

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Habitat is a project founded by three local developers with over 70 years of combined experience; Porte, fabric, and Hudson.

The team boasts a legacy of longstanding success developing multi-family homes across East Vancouver and the lower mainland. The development team is passionate about this community and is leveraging the unique strengths and expertise of this collective to ensure that Habitat becomes synonymous with exceptional homes.

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